If you are hosting a weekend gala or multi-sport event, it is a good idea to have medical support onsite. With large groups, there is a high probability of an injury to occur. Having medical support onsite ensures the injured individual is made comfortable, and assessed and treated in a prompt fashion.

CHSM can be onsite for the entire duration of your event – whether it be a regular event or a one off. We provide services such as, first responder first aid, supportive strapping, sports injury management to your competitors, spectators and staff. We provide all required medical equipment including Oxyviva and Automated External Defribillator (AED) for resuscitation and basic life support, leaving you to focus on making the event as joyful as possible.

If you require our services at your event, or have any questions regarding onsite medical support, do not hesitate to contact us.

Onsite Medical Support