Nurse Practitioner – Orthopaedic Services

Having trouble getting in to your doctor for a specialist referral? Run out of your osteoarthritis prescriptions? Need imaging arranged?

If you are facing long wait to see your doctor, consider booking an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner. Mick Sager is assisting with the overflow of patients needing orthopaedic services and is offering a convenient, affordable, and effective MSK review and referral process to the local community. Mick is currently one of the only Nurse Practitioners in the Hunter Valley area specialising in Orthopaedic care.

Enhancing Orthopaedic Care in the Hunter Valley

Nurse Practitioners like Mick improve patient access to accessible and cost-effective treatment. Services are billed under the medicare system.

These key health care providers are highly qualified and experienced nurses who have been endorsed as specialists in their field. They have the necessary knowledge, training, skills and accreditation to diagnose, treat and refer patients autonomously. They are trained to be able to do a thorough assessment, diagnose disease, prescribe medicine, request pathology, order diagnostic testing (like xrays and ultrasounds) and collaborate with other doctors and allied health care practitioners to provide patients with holistic and advanced care.

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Nurse Practitioner – Specialty referrals.

Mick works collaboratively with many Orthopaedic Surgeons, your general practitioners and allied health professionals. He is able to refer you for further orthopaedic consultation should your needs dictate, or put you in touch with allied health services such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology and Sports Science and remedial massage, always keeping your own GP in the loop.

He cares for both children and adults with sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Having completed a Master’s of Nurse Practitioner and with 20+ years nursing in emergency medicine he has extensive medical knowledge. He also has a special interest musculoskeletal and sports injuries and can manage your injury and guide you through the referral and rehab process.

Book an appointment with Mick Sager today for an alternative way to address your health concerns.