Sports Trainer

When it’s vital that your team is healthy both on and off the field, hiring a sports trainer is essential. Our sports trainers will keep your sporting team at peak performance. We help provide additional support and expertise as part of your team’s medical staff.

Having a dedicated sports trainer mean that your players are safer. It also means they will feel more confident getting out on the field or court with the backing of a highly trained and dedicated sports injury specialist.

Another advantage of hiring CHSM trainers to look after your sports team is the equipment we carry. We have all the sprays, tape and braces used by top sporting teams.

As a qualified Sports Trainer, our team deliver sport-specific first aid and strapping during competitive sporting events and games.

This includes:

  • Strap players and athletes for prevention of injury and stability prior to competition
  • Deliver and apply first aid including sprain, fracture, wound and concussion management
  • Monitor players during games regarding potential injuries or reoccurrence of injuries
  • Deliver water (hydration) on game/match day
  • Referring players to appropriate health professionals for further treatment.
Sports Trainer

Our trainers are personable, enthusiastic, professional, and offer the support teams needs to achieve the next level of greatness. Sport achievements often come down to a matter of millimetres or seconds. With a sports trainer by your side you can help avoid obstacles like injury or fatigue and ensure you get the best out of your team.

We bring the kind of peace of mind and skill that only a true trainer can bring. We stay calm under pressure and make sure the focus is on performing at the peak of all abilities in a safe and protected way.

Discover the difference that a trainer can make to your sporting team and enjoy the same benefits that elite teams have access to.

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